1. Cookies Law

Under EU privacy regulations, websites must make it clear to visitors what information about them is being stored. This specifically includes cookies. Turn on this option and user will see info box at the bottom of the page that your web-site is using cookies.

  • Show Cookies NotificationEnable/Disable cookies notification.
  • Notification TextPlace here some information about cookies usage that will be shown in the popup.
  • Page with detailsChoose page that will contain detailed information about your Privacy Policy/em>
  • Cookies versionIf you change your cookie policy information you can increase their version to show the popup to all visitors again.
2. Maintenance

Your website is on developer mode, you can enable maintenance mode until complete your website.

  • Maintenance ModeEnable/Disable maintenance mode.
  • Coming Soon Background ImageSet coming soon page background image.
  • Coming Soon Page ContentSelect HTML Block content to show coming soon page.
  • Coming Soon Content PositionSet coming soon HTML Block content.