1. Logo Setting

You can set site logo in theme option panel -> Header -> Logo. You can upload your normal logo and alternative sticky logo images.
And set logo sizes and padding values

Logo Image: Upload site normal logo image.
Alternative Sticky Logo: Upload logo image to use in sticky header.
Logo Height: Set logo size by height value.
Sticky Logo Height Set sticky header logo size.

2. Sticky Header

You can set sticky header in theme option panel -> Header -> Sticky Header. You can disable/enable sticky header and set the other options.

Sticky Header Bg: Set the background color of the sticky header area.
Sticky Header Menu Color: Change menu color according to background color.

3. Other Elements

You can change the other header elements such as “Header Room Search Form”, “Contact Phone Number”, “Weather Info”, “Social Icons” and “Multi Language Switcher”. You can show/hide icons, or change view position and styles.